Sailboat Canvas

The "Burn Buster" Bimini

Bimini: Custom designed to fit the contours of the cockpit.
Optional Extension past the backstay for maximum coverage.
Stainless steel frame folds easily for storage.
Matching acrylic boot to cover bimini when folded.

The "Artful" Dodger

Dodger: Custom designed to compliment the lines of your yacht.
Design allows maximum cockpit coverage with maximum visibility.
Optically clear window material with rollup front feature.
Wide choice of colors to enhance the beauty of your yacht.

The "Super" Sail Cover

Sailcover: Built with Sunbrella acrylic to match dodger, bimini or genoa suncover.
Two Styles:
Around-the-mast (mainsail with slugs or slides)
Horseblanket (mainsail with bolt rope luff)
Zippered front closure and properly space bottom edge .

Stellar Sails and Canvas