About Our Sails

"Built tough to stay tough, so you don't luff"
All Stellar Sails are constructed from medium-hand tight weave fabric. We use the best in woven sailcloth available and purchase both from European and U.S. Suppliers.
This fabric is constructed to enable our finished sails to take the loading and unloading of the wind for a longer period of time before the draft moves aft and becomes deeper. Our sailmaker/designer insures the proper weight is used based on the type of boat and the sailing conditions of the boat's "home port".
State of the art computer assisted design, coupled with the traditional sail plan layout and proper sail cloth choice ensure that every Stellar Sail is at the top of its class in performance.
While effective design can only be achieved through proper cloth selection, construction technique is critical to preserve longevity. Our seams are one inch wide, utilizing two rows of zig zag stitching.
The head, tack and clew are heavily reinforced and properly aligned with the high loads emerging from the three corners. These multiple layers of cloth are tapered and allow the gradual distribution of the high loads into the sail. Controlling the high load corners minimizes off-thread line stretch and results in a long lasting properly shaped sail. The corners are hand finished with stainless rings then anchored with webbing and leather. Our corners are as tough as they come.
The edge of every Stellar Sail is finished with a seperate folded tabling. This polyester (all sailcloth is polyester) tape is placed over the exposed edge and then sewn. The use of a seperate tabling results in a "cleaner" leech. The luff tape is manufactured on site encapsulating three strand spun polyester rope with an appropriately sized tabling and setup with the proper tension. A well constrcted bolt rope, utilized on the mainsail luff and foot and the jib/genoa luff reinforces the luff/foot attachments (hanks or slides) while transferring proper halyard tension into the body of the sail. Dimensionally stable bolt rope and leech tablings are critical in the maintenance of ideal sail shape.
Strong efficient and correctly sized slides on the mainsail are important to assure ease of reaiing and lowering the sail. These slides are attached to nickel plated brass grommets with hand sewn webbing, providing an effective connection while acting as a shock absorber between sail and spar.
Battens provide leech support and the ability to create greater sail area by extending the sail cloth beyond the straight-line leech, i.e. maintain maximum roach. Properly sized standard fiber glass battens provide this correct support. Available full length battens will allow additional sail area and provide greater ease of sail handling.
Batten pockets are responsible for holding the batten and creating the necessary marriage between the fiber glass and the sail cloth. Layering the cloth under the batten and reinforcing both ends assures that the pockets on your Stellar Sail will endure the test of time.
Leech and foot cords on genoas and leech cords on mains are standard on all Stellar Sails. These cords provide the necessary mechanism to prevent the leech flutter caused by increased wind speeds.
All sails that are attached to a roller furling unit must have an ultra-violet cover to protect the sail from the damaging rays of the sun when in the furled position. Stellar Sail's furling genoas come standard with the appropriate cover. These covers are quilted to the leech and foot, providing maximum protection and the proper union of sail to cover.
In addition to the sun cover furling, sails may require a foam luff pad. By sewing a correctly tapered foam pad behind the luff tape of our genoas, the optimum sail shape is maintained in any reefed position. We offer this as an option on all of our furling genoas.
Over the years, Stellar Sails has obtained a reputation for quality and price leadership. AllStellar Sails come with a two year material and labor warranty. Performance satisfaction guaranteed!