An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 9th , 2002 

0000-0400 Noel on. Wind kicks up a couple of times but with reefs in no problem.

0400-0800 David on. Wind easing . Gorgeous sunrise. Great to be alive Dennis comes up and we shake out the reefs. Boat speed up to 7kts with no headsail.

We put it in the bank for so long on our easterly course it is a delight that we are now running down on Tortola.

0800-1200 Denis on. . Broke out the sextant Sky clear ,beautiful blue rolling sea as we enter the tropics. I conduct a small class on taking sun lines , and we take some photo’s for the log. I’ve gotten lazy with GPS its so handy. Will figure the sights tomorrow. Wind easing.

1200-1600 Noel on. Denis decides that it is time we repair the blown out spinnaker. Noel and Dennis forward to patch the chute, with sailmakers sticky back tape , I had brought along for emergencies. After effecting the said repairs we run down wind and hoist the sail. It looks like shit but amazingly it really starts to pull us along. In a 12 kts breeze our speed is up to 7kts. The leech of the sail flaps like the wing of a wounded gull but we are moving along nicely. My shipmates name our newly resurected sail ‘ Dan Murphy’s three legged Dog ‘ . A reference to a tenacious three legged canine know to Noel from his youth back in Ireland ,who after a night of amourous adventure ,would hop home, wet bedraggled but proud.
We fly along for an hour making a mockery of the sail makers art, till a 20kt puff comes along and we lay Dan Murphy’s dog in its grave.

1600-1800 Dave on. Cocktail hour in the tropics. Noel hooks what appears to be a very large fish . He fights and slowly reels it in. As he brings the fish close to the ladder aft, it rolls and shows its white belly. With a twang the line parts and the intended victim of our culinary intentions is gone. My assumption is that it was a small shark. Thank goodness we did’nt chuck the pork chops.

1800-2000 Denis on.

2000-2400 Noel on.

November 10, 2002

0000-0400 I’ve got the Mid shitter . Its a along watch as we motor along. Wind is very light. Quite strange as we should be in the trades.

0400-0800 Denis on. Another great breakfast.

0800-1200 Noel. 

Noel taking his ease

1200-1600 Dave on. Dennis has a premonition and checks the oil, before we restart the engine. Good thing . The sump was dry. General clean up. Fishing lines out

Dan Murphy’s Dog Reincarnated.

1300 Strange looking seabird grabs one of the hooks we are towing and gets fouled. It bounces over the rolling swell as Denis reels him in. Expecting the worst after taking such a beating , we haul him aboard. I grab his lips , relieved that the hook is not there but rather fouled in his wing.( No pun intended.) Denis untangles the line and we lay him on the deck not expecting him to survive. To our amazement after a short recovery he shakes himself and flys off. The reincarnation of Dan Murphy’s dog.

1600-1800 Denis on. Two fishing lines start spinning. Denis and Noel grab the lines and the fight is on. In half an hour they have hooked and hauled in two beautiful fish. A Mahi-Mahi and a Tarpin. Noel expertly dispatches and cleans the fish and the back of the boat looks like a butcher shop. Denis has his sushi and we have a barbacue medly. Small celebration.

Denis and Noel with the Great Catch

2000-2400 Dave on.