An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 1, 2002. 
0700. Underway Ice on decks. Beam Reaching at 8kts.Wind WNW 14kt

1600 Through Plum Gut - Long Island Sound. Perfect Slack water transit. Gibing boat downwind. GPS. spot on . What a great machine

1800-1900 Transit North end of Montauk and Fishers Island .

1915 Turn south to transit Bouy green #1 and GRBS South West corner of Block Island. 

2000-2130 Hooked on lobster pot. Dropped sails.

2200 Hoisted jib and Denis turned over engine. Thats the ticket. Cast off foul. Breeze NW 15-25kts. Discovered compass light not working on port side and dim on std.