An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 2, 2002
0000-0400 Skip on. Broad reaching starboard tack, everything up. Breeze NW 18-25kts. Midway through huge cruise ship lit up like a Christmas tree alters course to allow us to proceed . Squared away bridge watch.

0400-0800 Broad reaching, big rolling confused swells as we cross continental shelf. Boat Speed 8-10kts.

0800-1200 Wind Easing. Dead down wind. Passed a couple of sailboats.


Set the rig to wing in wing main to stb , jib poled 
to port. Surfing nicely. More swell than breeze. Noel doing a nice job of driving the boat, dead down. 
Dennis picking up weather reports on SSB from fellow in Canada , handle Southbound 1. He is an amateur meteorologist. His name is Herb and he advises sailors with absolutely amazing weather predictions for their intended course. What a guy. Gales expected south of Bermuda

1200-1600 as above. Dennis hooks a fish a then looses it.

1600-2000 Dog watches. 

2000-2400 Dave on. Transiting Gulf stream, north of intended track. Salt spray a lot warmer. Wind backing to ESE. - Rain squalls. Gusts to 30kts.

Skipper on watch