An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 3, 2002

0000-0400 Noel on . Breeze Honking. 20-30 in puffs. Close Hauled.. Engine on. Iron Mike on. Pissing rain. and warm water over the bow. Into Gulf Stream 40 miles North of track. 

0800-1200 Denis on. Hoisted chute and flew along. During the setup I got wacked on the nose and lip by flying mainsheet. 
1140 Honking from the deck from horn placed there for emergencies. Came topside to find spinnaker blew out. We put em up and Denis takes them down Stowed the chute and unfurled genoa. . 
Emergency horn has now been dubbed the ‘Girlie Horn’ Breeze SW 10-15 kts. Boat Speed 8kts.

1200-1600 Noel on. Wind backing to WNW at 11kts. Course 170 true. Denis called Southbound one. Based on expected gale strengths in excess of 50 kts. North of Bermuda , made call to track South, easy decision. Expected Wind strengths 30-45knts.

1600-1800 Dog watches. I have the first bow wow. Course 170. true. Denis makes a fantastic dinner of Salmon . During dinner Denis has us in stitches with his story of how when he was just a kid , he would visit his Grandfathers farm and because of his innate ability to break anything (tractors included) his grandfather was overheard as saying “ that bloody kid could break iron.) Noel is having an inkling of back pain. Kidney stone?

1800-2000 Denis on.

2000-2400 Noel on. Boat speed clipped up to 11knts, on a surf. Noels comment “ I ALMOST reached for the Girlie Horn.” Running lights on the fritz. Running with white masthead light only.