An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 4, 2002

0000-0400 I have the Midwatch.Breeze clocking West. Steering 210true. Boat speed 8.5kts. Sighted a tanker on closing course. Held course and passed with no incident.

0400-0800 Denis on. During watch relief closed with contact who would not alter course. CPA 1800 yds. David up and Denis on VHF .
He advised the said vessel to cut us some slack. It seems there watch was unsquared away. Finally they maneuvered aft. Genoa poled out , Wing in Wing as we sail downwind.

0800-1200 Noel on. Wind NNW. 10kts. Wonderful Irish breakfast. Sausages , bacon , eggs and coffee. Courtesy of Chez Denis. Denis sets another hook to catch an unsuspecting fish. Another lure lost.
Borrowed Denis’s Sat phone, and contacted Barbados. The magic of Modern technology. 

1200-1600 David on. Running South with both engine and sail. Stratus Cumulus and Cumulus clouds racing north to join the forming depression. We haul ass south chasing sunlight. Wind still WNW at 12-15kts. Just south of Latitude 31 is the gale free zone. ETA 2000 5th.

1315 Denis catches his first fish. Much hooting and hollering by the crew. Will it be dinner? The fish book will tell all. Fish gets canned.
1420 Denis gets weather from our friendly weather man Herb AKA Southbound 1. In his recommendation piece he asks” Any chances for pulling into Bermuda” Denis and I both laugh . I Reckon we will put in three reefs to deal with 30-45 knts wind.

Denis’s first catch

1600-2000 Dog watches Noel and Denis.

2000-2400. David on. Strange clear skies, Barometer steady. Breeze 18-20kts. Excellent fixes as we approach Southern End of Bermuda using linked GPS. I keep a solid DR with fixes on our paper chart. Navy training dies hard.