An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 6, 2002

0030. Helluva noise on deck, however the clarion call of the “Girlie Horn” was not heard. I come topside . Denis has rolled in the genoa that has exploded and is in tatters. Wind full 38kts with puff to 45kts.. As I come topside am soaked by a huge wave sluicing under the front windshield of the Enclosure. Twice this happens. I decide foul weather gear might be the ticket, a Stellar enclosure is good but not that good.
0040 Denis’s eyes as big as saucers peering over the top of his foul weather gear , as I relieve him ,can tell he’s both shaken and elated. He doesn't want to leave but We absolutely need him rested if the shit really goes down. A battle scarred Denis finally agrees to go below .
0100 Wake up Noel who has gotten some rest. I restart engine after fix puts us 100 miles SSW of Bermuda. Without a heads l and only a triple reefed main we are making more leeway than headway. Make slamming progress on track into heavy rolling 25’ swells. Wind still on the nose. Wind driven seas still blasting over the deck and enclosure, the back half of the enclosure is dry and a haven against this bitch of a storm. 
A couple of times auto pilot fails and Noel steers her back to course. What a guy. No broach , No Jibe. Adrenalin up as we shriek with laughter about the “Girlie Horn” Course 190 true. Wind clocks to WNW and eases to 30kts. Running dead down wind with three reefs in main , preventer set. Decide to let Denis sleep till 0800.

0500 Noel goes below.

0800-1200 Denis on. David and Denis shake out all reefs. Rolling along great breeze. Blue seas, clearing sky. Great to be alive and well. It seems we are through the worst of it. Denis and Noel go forward to bring the destroyed genoa aft.

Denis and Noel Relaxing outside the enclosure after the gail. Note foul weather gear drying under the enclosure.

Dave cooks pasta. We all sit around the cockpit table laughing. An absence of stress breeds hilarity. I go below to bag some z’s. On my return I look for the destroyed genoa, but it is nowhere to be found. I ask my shipmates where it is and they advise me that they have cut it up and chugged it over the side. We all fall about laughing. 

1600-1800 David on. Made the call to alter Course. Jibed to 130degrees. Broad Reaching to make our easting and meet the trades. 

1800-2000 Denis


2000-2400 Noel.