An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 7th, 2002

0000-0400 David on the Midwatch. Beautiful night. What a change from the previous two nights.

0400-0800 Denis on I take a shower and leave the hatch open, amazing if you had done this a couple of days ago you would have been swamped.

0800-1200 Noel on. Denis cooks another fabulous breakfast. Noel catches the first fish of the voyage. Its huge dolphin fish. (Mahi-Mahi). As the fish lies upon the operating table waiting to be prepared, Noel turns away for a second and the fish flops away over the side. Noel takes huge amounts of abuse from his shipmates. All in good fun.

1200-1600 David on. Course 140 Magnetic. Breeze ENE 20kts. Making 10 degrees leeway so altered course back to 130.

1600-1800 Denis On.

1800-2000 Noel On.

2000-2400 David On. Breeze up to 22kts.