An Ocean Voyage with our President/CEO

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November 8, 2002

0000-0400 Denis 

0400-0800 Noel. David up for tanker passage. Cleared no problem.

0800-1200. David on. I check sky, sky says wind. Time to put in a reef. I ask Noel to wake Denis. Noel does’nt look happy Denis is a bear to wake up. They both harness in and go forward to put in the first reef. Boat slamming into swell and water splashing over the bow. The crew head aft pleased with their efforts. Once they get to the cockpit , I make myself popular by asking for a second reef. Giving me dagger glares and muttering , the intrepid crew head forward to put in the second reef. What a crew.
Breeze up to 27kts. Trying to make our easting.

1200-1600 Denis on. Made our turn to the south and Tortola after a relentless pounding into confused seas.

1600-1800 Noel 

1800-2000 David 

2000-2400 Denis . Breeze easing we should shake out the reef but we are all to tired.