Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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November 8th. 2005

23 03" N.

65 10" W

Johnny keeping an eye on the Hooligans

0000-0400 Johnny.

0400-0800 MyselfEasterly wind at 16kts. Motorsailing

0800-1200 Denis. Much commotion on deck . A large school of bottle nose dolphins have decided to accompany us. They gambol and play all around us in the beautiful blue, sunlit , water. Camera's come out and of course much rejoicing.

1200-1600 Pat. Dolphins still with us. What beautiful creatures. I have forgotten how these oceans passages bring moments both sublime and terrifying.

Johnny and Pat casting for fish. No luck. They catch one , then lose it.

We have lost faith since the last catch and have dubbed them the "Keystone Fisherman"

1600-1800 Johnny. Motorsailing to Tortola.

1800-2000 Myself. Denis makes wonderful steaks on the aft barbie as we munch and cruise along watching the amazing sunset.

2000-2400 Denis.