Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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November 9th 2005

0000-0400 Pat. Pat wakes me for passing ship.

0400-0800 Johnny. Beautiful morning. Nice trade breeze, not that heavy but still driving. SOG 7kts

0700 19 47"N

64 42"W

Denis enjoying the yachting life

0800-1200 Myself . Full main and headsl , great morning sail. As always , to as far back as when men first went to sea, the closer to land a ship gets, visions of earthly pleasures , will inevitably fill a crew's head. Mind you, " I could be", a little past it, though nothing is written in stone.

0900 Denis and Johnny get stuck into a major cleanup in prep for landfall.

" The A Team"

1200-1600 Denis. As always Chez Denis makes another wonderful lunch.

1400 Johnny gives a rousing shout of " Land HO."