Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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October 30, 2005

0600 Denis and I cast off all lines. Beautiful clear morning Alternator problem resolved. Sufficient power is being generated. Denis and I hoist mainMotor sailing Light NW breeze. Spoke to weather routing company in New Hampshire. Our course is 143 True to intersect eddy at Gulf Stream.

The engineers sleep after working until 2am.

0700 Transiting New York Harbor. Usual traffic intensity. Ferries and barges from Staten Island, barges down the river from Long Island Sound and the same from New Jersey. The skyline is empty without the twin towers.

0930 Latitude 40 Degrees 29" N. Longitude. 73 Degrees 56"W. Jibed downwind. Johnny is up and working with me as we sail the boat, he has never worked a sailboat but is a natural. Denis and Pat are below getting alternator problems solved.

Flying wing in wing. No pole on Jib. Maneuvered clear of shipping lanes to allow cruise ship to transit. Nice controlled jibes. Preventer eased, main centered via traveler. Main in , Jibe , mainsheet eased. Johnny a quick study in an evolution he has not taken part in before.

10:30 Back to shipping lanes. Denis and Pat below fixing unknown electrical generating problem. Alternator?

1100 Set course for rhumb line to Gulf Stream eddy intersection. Denis and Johnny, set pole forward. Two old pals work together like magic. Nice foredeck crew. Breeze NW at 16-20 knots Speed Over Ground (SOG) 9 knots.

Bligh at his charts

1130 Our course is driving us onto intersecting track with two large merchant vessels heading approximately South East at about the same speed. Decided to give these vessels plenty of room . Gradually came North to wind , wind moved from extreme Broad reach Starboard tack to beam. Pole eased forward by Pat. Nice motion. Denis forward to oversee pole and Johnny on port roller furling winch. Jib Sheet eased , short span of flogging headsail as Johnny rapidly wound in jib. All under control and

back to course. Nice maneuver by all hands

Passed astern of the two behemoth cargo vessels. Reset poled out headsail.

Decided on doubled up watches to ease Johnny and Pat into watch standing. Pat to stand watch with me , Johnny to stand with Denis. Neither Pat nor Johnny have ever really been offshore , so it is important they feel confident in all aspects of there function.

We have a crew meeting to discuss watch standing.

Johnny and Denis create a wonderful Irish breakfast on the grill at the aft deck.

1200-1600 Myself and Pat on. Wind backing to SW at 13kts. Doused the winged headsail. Denis and Johnny forward to set light air cruising spinnaker. I drive , Pat trims, Johnny assaults the foredeck with foredeck boss. Nicejob by our new shipmates. Denis and my chances of long term survival improve after this small finish to the beginning of our voyage. Sweet sail.

Making rhumb line to intersect eddy at Gulf Stream.

1600-1800 First Dog Watch. Myself and Pat. We use the Navy system . The normal 1600 to 2000 broken up into two equal parts of two hours to allow each watch to stand at a different time each day.

1800-2000 Second Dog Watch. Denis and Johnny.- New generating problems discovered. Auto pilot was flicking on and off indicating it was unable to acquire enough power from batteries to hold course. Denis fires up the engines. With both engines going we are able to maintain various systems until problem can be solved in the morning.

2000-2400 Myself and Pat. Breeze 11-14kts. SW. Course Over Ground(COG) 152Magnetic. Speed over Ground (SOG ) 7Kts. Gentle rolling seas half ounce cruising chute pulling us along nicely.