Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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October 31, 2005


39 03"N.

72 46" W.

Denis and Johnny. Beautiful clear night. Deep broad reach, chute pulling , full bellied and driving.

0400-0800At watch change Denis and Johnny and take care of their shipmates by preparing wonderful fresh brewed coffee. As we sip our coffee and before he goes below Denis notices chute is no longer up . Speed drops.

Denis hooks on and heads forward , Pat gets deck lights on, Johnny and I follow and begin to drag in the sodden chute. Fortunately wind is dying the sea is fairly flat and we are able to recover the chute before it raps the prop. I have relearned a valuable lesson. While on delivery ,with out sufficient crew , DO NOT FLY YOUR SPINNAKER AT NIGHT! In 1982 while on passage from Los Cristianos in the Canary Islands to Antigua, and acting as Navigator, we flew a 1.5oz. full spinnaker in approximately 20 knots of breeze for better than three days. On the midwatch ofthe 3rd day. The tang at masthead sheared, chute went over the bow and fowled the prop. Needless to stay we wallowed all night , until the chute was cute free from the prop next morning. Best not to forget lessons learned at sea.

Rolled out the Genoa forward.

0600 Beautiful Moonrise.

0700 38dgr. 17"N

72dgr. 29"W.

0720 EST Sunrise

0800-1200 Denis and Johnny on. Breeze light and variable WNW at 8kts. David and Denis forward to set pole , run Genoa sheets and set into wing and wing mode. Main poled to one side - headsail poled to opposite. Beautiful Day. Barometer high to reflect our position close to center of high pressure system. Wind easing. Denis fired up the engines to maintain 7kts or better and to continue charging.

Course 140 Degree's magnetic.

1200-1600 Myself and Pat. Gorgeous afternoon. It doesn't seem like end of October. Two contacts passed to port at 8miles. Radar is great. Between GPS , Radar , auto pilot and weather routing , an offshore passage aboard a yacht has come light years from when I first began delivering yachts in the late 70's. Technologies developed by the military have made voyaging at sea aboard small sailing vessels , by competent and professional mariners aconsiderably safer and expeditious affair.

1545 Denis Contacted " Southbound Two" Herb a ham radio weather router and meteorologist, on the single side band. Herb has over the years made himself quite popular as an aide to yachtsmen helping them as much as possible avoid trouble spots at sea in the Atlantic. He can be raised at 123590 MHZ

He advised of a number of trouble spots and recommended staying West of Longitude

1600-1800 Denis and Johnny. Pole unsecured as breeze continues to ease. Motor sailing.

1800-2000 Myself and Pat. Gorgeous sunset, beautiful sea. My first experience of transitting or approaching theGulf Stream in such perfect conditions. Pat on by himself Also my first experiance at sitting below in the salon ,watching a Willam Dafoe film on the liquid crystal screen.

Welcome to the 21st century GPS, satellite phone and TV plus Gourmet meals via Chez Denis.

2000-2400 Denis and Johnny.