Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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November 3, 2005



34 10"N

69 04"W

Myself and Pat. A very sweet and pleasant watch. Full main and and Genny out.

0100 Auto pilot dies. Pat and myself try to start the engines. No luck. CHAOS . Denis up and cranky. " VERYSTRAIGHT FORWARD. A DIESEL WILL NOT START IF THE KILL SWITCH IS PULLED OUT."

My cranky friend heads below . Who pulled out the Kill switch and forgot to return it.? Thank God no Miss Marpleaboard. I know I didn't do it.

"God I'm getting Old, I feel like a half-wit. All this stuff is, or should be rote."

0300 Breeze up. 25kts.

Two reefs and full headsl. SOG 8kts.

0400-0800 Breeze down . NE. 11-17kts.

0800-1200 Myself and Pat. Denis figures lets fly a cruising chute. Breeze

is in the right quadrant at 15 Ktshowever you " CAN'T JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT." as with a RONCO , oven. Our speed dies as the chute is choked . To fly a chute full or otherwise , someone must care about it on a consistent basis. With a full chute set, a sheet must be trimmed with diligence in conjunction with it's brother the guy. A cruising chute or cruising spinnaker , must be flown with equal diligence. Constant attention is a must to assure max speed .

Our speed drops as we are all tired and only beginning to become engaged in driving the boat as opposed to getting some sleep.

0920 Doused the cruising chute. Full headsl 135% genoa out and Speed up to 8kts, after a humiliating 6kt. SOG.with the cruising chute.

1200-1600 Denis and Johnny.

SOG of 6kts.

Held small field day. Boat is getting really dirty after the last day and night of pounding.

Pat and Johnny trawling for some dinner. Apparently no luck.

I go below and have a word with " Southbound Two". He advises of a low pressure at 30N. 66W. However the low is not intensifying and moving moving North.

1600-1800 Myself and Pat.

Me driving in fine weather


1800-2000 Denis and Johnny. Denis and I agree we can now single up on our watches.

Course 142 Magnetic. Beam reaching. Course made is good is 160Magnetic . Considerable course set and drift, par for the course with on a catamaran with little keel area.

2000-2400 Myself and Pat. Wind freshening to steady 20kts.from the East.

November 4th. 2005

32 06"N

67 13"W.

0000-0400 I take the watch. Pat below to grab some sleep. I feel fairly fit as I sleep anytime I can.

0400-0800 Pat takes the watch by himself. Dark overcast skies with clouds scudding toward the developing systems to our North East. Looks like trouble again but assured by our weather guru's that this low will be North of us, when we reach that longitude.

0800-1200 Denis. Alternator still giving us problem but he squares it away.

grey skies drizzle and rolling dark seas, not a lot of fun, however the temperature is pretty warm so can't bitch.

1200-1600 Pat. I go below and prepare what has become known as "Spaghetti ala Dave". Huge bucket of hot spaghetti, created from frozen sausage and two bottles of disparate sauce's. The crew stuffs there faces but I am not asked to cook again. Denis and Johnny have been pretty much doing all the cooking and a wonderful job too. Pat will now run his shift at cooking to ease the burden on Denis and Johnny. I have been excluded from the cooking roster. Can't figure out why.

1530 Give " Southbound Two" a jingle on the single side band. He reiterates the low and its associated trough will move around the high pressure and we will be clear of it.

1600-1800 Johnny on. As we approach the low trough Rapid clocking of the breeze to SE catches Johnny of guard and the wind heads us. Jib flogs . We get everything squared away and come to new course 210magnetic. Driving warm rain with gusts to 20kts.

1800-2000 Myself. Fairly monotonous watch

2000-2400 Denis. Pat has gotten the lighting and modes of our cockpit repeaters worked out, nice not to have to cover the scopes with a towel on night watches.

2100Denis gets me up to advise of merchant vessels out at 2 miles on the radar scope . I stay up till he passes clear to starboard.