Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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November 5th 2005

0000-0400 Pat. Wind easing , skies clearing.

0400-0800 Johnny. Light wind beautiful night. Aft wash down. We haul in buckets of salt water and scrub down.Breeze down to 8kts. Johnny cooks a wonderful Irish breakfast on the aft grill. Eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding.. Most appreciated The sun is coming out .


29 37"N

66 16"Myself. Aft port head found to be blocked. This is a no/no on a yacht and just cause for serious abuse if not a flogging. I know it wasn't myself or Denis but no blame is allocated, to guilty party in the cause of crew harmony. Denis madder than a wet hen goes below to embark on a disgusting task. What a guyShouts , curses and stench waft up from below. Johnny , Pat and myself sit in the cockpit knowing better than to crack a smile.

After his foul mission is accomplished Denis emerges and good naturedly makes the first joke.

Dr. Doodo after his mission

1200-1600 Denis. The crew insist he wash his paws before he is allowed to touch the wheel. Pat makes a great lunch of grilled beef and eggplant casserole. Wind down .

Two small sea birds whirl around us and do what reminds me of mini carrier landings.

Avian flight ops

1430 We are making less than 4kts in the dying breeze. Engines on and jib rolled in. Motorsailing course 150Magnetic. Speed 6kts.

1600-1800 Pat. Turned to make our easting. Course 060Magnetic.

1800-2000 Johnny. Chez Denis into action as the battle of the sea going iron chefs is engaged. Unbelievablesauteed lamb chops , polenta and brocolli. Small dinner party in Officers mess.

2000-2400MyselfGorgeous night. Orions constellation on the rise to our east and his belt clearly pointing to Sirius the " dog star" low on the horizon.