Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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November 6th. 2005

0000-0400 Denis. Ship from 6 miles than to 4 miles then to 1 mile. Denis gets me up . Passed astern of us with no need to alter course.

0400-0800 Pat.


27 39"N

65 32"W Johnny. Johnny and Pat hook the first and only fish of our trip

A five pound tuna. Wonderful sushi for all except moi. Glass of Chardonnay to wash it down with for Breakfast. Lines out and deployed again.

1200-1600 Myself . Lunch of grilled Tuna , courtesy of "Backdoor Productions. ( Back Door Johnny a nom de guerre given to Johnny by Pat.) I'll allow the reader to work that one out. Breeze NE at 15knts. Easing and pleasant cruising after all the recent unpleasantness.

1600-1800 Denis.

1800-2000 Pat.


2000-2400 Johnny.