Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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November 7th. 2005

25 59"N.

65 31"W. Course 192 Magnetic.

0000-0400 Myself. Another beautiful night. Full main and 135% headsl. Breeze at 15kts. Broad reaching toward the West Indies. As the watch progresses , Orion's Constellation has arced and is well overhead. The big dipper pointing to the North star , brings memories flooding back. I remember my little brother , Peter, my best friend , dead these many years. I've always stopped his memory intruding on me. His death almost put me away, and even today too painful to contemplate. Killed at twenty five returning from a United States Navy mission in the helicopter he served on , as a Search and Rescue diver. A funny, brilliant and wonderful young man, he was hoistedto God way to soon.

Together from our fathers house in England, Peter and I would look out our bedroom window. Myself at home from sailing and Peter on his way to University and his intended enlistment in the Navy. Orion would stand over the little town of Sandwich in Kent , and both of us would dream.

The big dipper was another memory maker for me. The pointer to the North star and always the navigators friend. The number of times the simple calculation of latitude, in a tight coast running situation and before the advent of GPS and used in conjunction with RDF or the loom of a lighthouse on the horizon, had saved my skin more times than I can count.

A night of great peace and tears.

0400-0800 Denis. Clear and filling breeze. Warm NE breeze at 12kts. SOG 5 kts.

0800-1200 Pat.

1200-1600 Johnny. Another round in the battle of the Iron Chefs. Pat begins preparation of what looks to be the inception of a splendid dinner.

Spoke to my wife on the Satphone to advise of our progress, all seems well except the new hound we have, hasdecided to eat all the blinds in the house.

Denis abusing his shipmates

1600-1800 Dave. Breeze clocking to the east at 16kts. Boat moving nicely at 7 kts SOG.

1800-2000 Denis. Pat rolls out a wonderful dinnerTo start wonderful peeled shrimp with a tomato and horseradish sauce. To follow marinated pork loin, oven roasted brussels sprouts and garlic mashed new potatoes. What a dinner. The fine wines that Denis has been so kind as to afford on this passage , compliment a great meal.

Another mini celebration. Our proximity to the West Indies has allowed us to slightly relax but not forget our vigilance. I believe our model for a square

watch section is more akin to the RN than the USN. Mariners , I expect, will understand this reference.

2000-2400 Pat.