Second ocean passage with our President /CEO

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In June 2005 my good friend and shipmate, Denis McCarthy, asked me to accompany him and to act as skipper aboard his yacht Windancer on a delivery from New York to Tortola.

Our first trip together was two years previously when he, Noel Kelly and myself did the same voyage, with the exception that we left from Montauk. NY (see first log)

To follow is the log of our voyage to Tortola in Fall of 2005. Our crew consisted of myself, Denis, John White and Pat Salvati.


October 29, 2005

1030 Underway from Stamford, Ct. En route to Tortola British Virgin Islands.

1600 Abeam of UN building , Manhattan. Starboard engines dies. Pat and Denis below to investigate and fix problem. Current is at flood so I maneuver to within mooring proximity of FDR drive seawall in case second engine goes. Problem solved. Problem is bad alternator.

1800 Alongside West 23rd St pier, Manhattan. Johnny and Pat set off to find either a replacement alternator at auto supply store or parts to repair existing alternator.

Denis and I plot weather discuss tactics and install 3rd reef into the main.

Pat and Johnny return. Pat attempts to rebuild alternator.

October 30, 2005

0600 Denis and I cast off all lines. Beautiful clear morning Alternator problem resolved. Sufficient power is being generated. Denis and I hoist mainMotor sailing Light NW breeze. Spoke to weather routing company in New Hampshire. Our course is 143 True to intersect eddy at Gulf Stream.

The engineers sleep after working until 2am.

0700 Transiting New York Harbor. Usual traffic intensity. Ferries and barges from Staten Island, barges down the river from Long Island Sound and the same from New Jersey. The skyline is empty without the twin towers.

0930 Latitude 40 Degrees 29" N. Longitude. 73 Degrees 56"W. Jibed downwind. Johnny is up and working with me as we sail the boat, he has never worked a sailboat but is a natural. Denis and Pat are below getting alternator problems solved.

Flying wing in wing. No pole on Jib. Maneuvered clear of shipping lanes to allow cruise ship to transit. Nice controlled jibes. Preventer eased, main centered via traveler. Main in , Jibe , mainsheet eased. Johnny a quick study in an evolution he has not taken part in before.

10:30 Back to shipping lanes. Denis and Pat below fixing unknown electrical generating problem. Alternator?

1100 Set course for rhumb line to Gulf Stream eddy intersection. Denis and Johnny, set pole forward. Two old pals work together like magic. Nice foredeck crew. Breeze NW at 16-20 knots Speed Over Ground (SOG) 9 knots.

Bligh at his charts

1130 Our course is driving us onto intersecting track with two large merchant vessels heading approximately South East at about the same speed. Decided to give these vessels plenty of room . Gradually came North to wind , wind moved from extreme Broad reach Starboard tack to beam. Pole eased forward by Pat. Nice motion. Denis forward to oversee pole and Johnny on port roller furling winch. Jib Sheet eased , short span of flogging headsail as Johnny rapidly wound in jib. All under control and

back to course. Nice maneuver by all hands

Passed astern of the two behemoth cargo vessels. Reset poled out headsail.

Decided on doubled up watches to ease Johnny and Pat into watch standing. Pat to stand watch with me , Johnny to stand with Denis. Neither Pat nor Johnny have ever really been offshore , so it is important they feel confident in all aspects of there function.

We have a crew meeting to discuss watch standing.

Johnny and Denis create a wonderful Irish breakfast on the grill at the aft deck.

1200-1600 Myself and Pat on. Wind backing to SW at 13kts. Doused the winged headsail. Denis and Johnny forward to set light air cruising spinnaker. I drive , Pat trims, Johnny assaults the foredeck with foredeck boss. Nicejob by our new shipmates. Denis and my chances of long term survival improve after this small finish to the beginning of our voyage. Sweet sail.

Making rhumb line to intersect eddy at Gulf Stream.

1600-1800 First Dog Watch. Myself and Pat. We use the Navy system . The normal 1600 to 2000 broken up into two equal parts of two hours to allow each watch to stand at a different time each day.

1800-2000 Second Dog Watch. Denis and Johnny.- New generating problems discovered. Auto pilot was flicking on and off indicating it was unable to acquire enough power from batteries to hold course. Denis fires up the engines. With both engines going we are able to maintain various systems until problem can be solved in the morning.

2000-2400 Myself and Pat. Breeze 11-14kts. SW. Course Over Ground(COG) 152Magnetic. Speed over Ground (SOG ) 7Kts. Gentle rolling seas half ounce cruising chute pulling us along nicely.

October 31, 2005


39 03"N.

72 46" W.

Denis and Johnny. Beautiful clear night. Deep broad reach, chute pulling , full bellied and driving.

0400-0800At watch change Denis and Johnny and take care of their shipmates by preparing wonderful fresh brewed coffee. As we sip our coffee and before he goes below Denis notices chute is no longer up . Speed drops.

Denis hooks on and heads forward , Pat gets deck lights on, Johnny and I follow and begin to drag in the sodden chute. Fortunately wind is dying the sea is fairly flat and we are able to recover the chute before it raps the prop. I have relearned a valuable lesson. While on delivery ,with out sufficient crew , DO NOT FLY YOUR SPINNAKER AT NIGHT! In 1982 while on passage from Los Cristianos in the Canary Islands to Antigua, and acting as Navigator, we flew a 1.5oz. full spinnaker in approximately 20 knots of breeze for better than three days. On the midwatch ofthe 3rd day. The tang at masthead sheared, chute went over the bow and fowled the prop. Needless to stay we wallowed all night , until the chute was cute free from the prop next morning. Best not to forget lessons learned at sea.

Rolled out the Genoa forward.

0600 Beautiful Moonrise.

0700 38dgr. 17"N

72dgr. 29"W.

0720 EST Sunrise

0800-1200 Denis and Johnny on. Breeze light and variable WNW at 8kts. David and Denis forward to set pole , run Genoa sheets and set into wing and wing mode. Main poled to one side - headsail poled to opposite. Beautiful Day. Barometer high to reflect our position close to center of high pressure system. Wind easing. Denis fired up the engines to maintain 7kts or better and to continue charging.

Course 140 Degree's magnetic.

1200-1600 Myself and Pat. Gorgeous afternoon. It doesn't seem like end of October. Two contacts passed to port at 8miles. Radar is great. Between GPS , Radar , auto pilot and weather routing , an offshore passage aboard a yacht has come light years from when I first began delivering yachts in the late 70's. Technologies developed by the military have made voyaging at sea aboard small sailing vessels , by competent and professional mariners aconsiderably safer and expeditious affair.

1545 Denis Contacted " Southbound Two" Herb a ham radio weather router and meteorologist, on the single side band. Herb has over the years made himself quite popular as an aide to yachtsmen helping them as much as possible avoid trouble spots at sea in the Atlantic. He can be raised at 123590 MHZ

He advised of a number of trouble spots and recommended staying West of Longitude

1600-1800 Denis and Johnny. Pole unsecured as breeze continues to ease. Motor sailing.

1800-2000 Myself and Pat. Gorgeous sunset, beautiful sea. My first experience of transitting or approaching theGulf Stream in such perfect conditions. Pat on by himself Also my first experiance at sitting below in the salon ,watching a Willam Dafoe film on the liquid crystal screen.

Welcome to the 21st century GPS, satellite phone and TV plus Gourmet meals via Chez Denis.

2000-2400 Denis and Johnny.

November 1, 2005


37 13N

70 13"W

Myself and Pat.

0100 Wind has backed and is now on the nose, with passage of a front. Rolled in headsl. My last fix indicates a strong North Easterly set as we enter the Gulf Stream. Came to course 155M to exit eddy. Wind SE at 6knts.

Denis saved dinner for me after an early sack time. What a shipmate. I spend most of my time trying to sleep, when not at my charts or on watch. I learned many years ago that it is imperative that everyone aboard is always well rested. It is a guarantee in my view that sea will turn nasty and without a well rested crew disaster of one sort or another is inevitable.

0200 Altered course to 194Magnetic/180T to offset Gulf Stream set.

0300 Altered course to 204 Magnetic. Large degree of set and drift is commensurate with little forward momentum and considerable sideways push with an intense current.

Intermediate course way point via GPS is just West of High pressure trough and serious gale line at 68degreesWest per "Southbound Two"

0400-0800 Denis and Johnny


36 degrs 35" N

69 degrs 45" W

Woken by Johnny for the morning watch who advised that Denis had spoken to "Commander " the weather routing people in New Hampshire. Thank God for his forsight. I would have probably kept going per "Southbound Two" . I gathered from Johnny that the trouble at 68degrees West was considerably further West, than what we had been advised of by " Southbound Two" I surmised that we were standing into a meteorological arse kicking competition and we aboard "Windancer" would be playing the role of the one legged sailor. I contacted " Commander" in New Hampshire. The man on the other end of the sat phone asked for our position. When I gave it to him he responded with five words " Get the hell behind 70 "

He advised that we were heading into a deep low at 69degrees with max sustained winds over 50kts with higher gusts, and advised of a second faster moving low moving up the coast of the US at approximately 73 degreesWest. He advised that we head due South and run the slot between the two low pressure systems.

God technology is amazing. Reversed course and headed back towards Longitude 70. Denis up and appraisedhim of the situation. He concurred and headed off to a well earned rest.

1200-1600 Denis and Johnny. Denis made a fantastic lunch. Much appreciated by his shipmates. Denis has worked like a maniac getting all electrical systems to 100% , assisted by Pat. In anticipation of the blow thisevening , all systems gone over. Our plan is to run on one engine to maintain charging while conserving fuel. Fuel levels checked.

Course 187degrees magnetic


36degrees 13"N.

70 degrees 02" W

Myself and Pat. Having gathered what our potential wind strengths could be this evening , decided on 3rd reef, with the full headsl . Denis and Johnny reefed down while still some light. What a crew AKA the "terrors of the foredeck." With a mainsl as big as "Windancer's" it better to deal with this kind of evolution in a reasonably controlledenvoirment and with some light. We will loose a little speed in the short term but unless we get Hurricane force the rig will be up in the morning. Wind continues to back and gradually pickup.

1730 Came to course 253 Magnetic and head toward the Lightship aproximately 300 miles off Cape Hatteras. Engines off close hauled.

Wind SE at 20kts.

The further West ,we are from 70 W and Heading at an acute angle between the meridians( 70 and 71) , we should be relatively unbruised by morning. The plan is to gradually follow the wind as it backs to the NE and be heading back across 70W. onto course, with passage of the two lows.

1800-2000 Denis and Johnny.


36. 10"N

70. 10"W

Course 250T. Still sailing and sailing to the wind. Wind is now clocking

( going clockwise vs. backing going counter clockwise.) between two low pressure systems.

2000-2400 Myself and Pat.

2200 I go below for a quick nap. We have 3 reefs in but full 135% headsl out speed is 8ks.

2300 Wind is up 25Kts-35kts. We still have the full headsl out. I have failed to clearly enunciate to Pat that I should be woken if the wind is up over 25kts. Denis wakes me .We roll in to 1/2down on the headsl. No harm done, however I have again relearned another valuable lesson. CLEARLY ADVISE THE WATCH WHEN TO GET THE SKIPPER UP. I am fortunate once again. Far too many years away from actively running yachts , and more spent in my business as a sail/canvas maker, has left me careless and complacent: a grand recipe for death or disaster at sea.

November 2, 2005

35 54N.

70 58W.

0000-0400 Denis and Johnny. Black howling night. Without the compass to steer by and a reliable auto pilot , this would be a bitch . Large confused beam seas. Wind 35-40kts. with wind to 45Kts. As breeze begins to back,headsl in and head to sea. Engines on . With a couple of powerful engines port and starboard, Punching up and over each swell is possible. This heading will avoid any possible capsize if we catch a heavy gust. Without these engines we would been forced to heave two.( Headsl sheeted to one side , main to the other.) I am up with Denis and Johnny and of course we are all making light of the situation though I am sure, its not levity that we are really feeling. My confidence is inalterably bolstered by knowing that Denis has every part of his yacht memorized especially engines and hydraulic/ electrical systems. If our engines quit our black gang( engineers) Will take care of any problem we have. Johnny who has never been to sea before , glares out at the rolling swell to port , appearing to will Poseidon to come kick his ass. What a man. My confidence in my friends and shipmates stands.

During this watch a light appears on the black rolling horizon. As we continue our pounding advance, spray breaks over our twin bows , white spume lit from behind by our red and green running lights.

Gradually the light on the horizon, increases in size and confirmed by radar I see that she is sailboat hove to . We pass well astern. I am sure they are thinking what the hell are we doing wrong. " We can't sail it and these miserable pricks are raking us."

Barometer has dropped over the course of the Midwatch from 1040 MB to 1025MB.

0300 Wind easing to 20kts steady. At watch relief Denis and Johnny head below .

0400-0800 Myself and Pat. Wind down to 10kts as we transit between the two frontal boundries. Our weather routers have given us excellent information, I assume that we have gotten away lightly and the poor bastards to the East of us have really copped it. We found out later from "Southbound Two" that a number of yachts out east of 70w longitude had really taken a hammering. One yacht in particular had been hit with a 70kt gust and shortly after was hit by a microburst. The Atlantic at this time of year is becoming increasingly violent, thanks to global warming. Last night we really ducked a major bullet.

0800-1200 Denis and Johnny. After a brief rest Denis and Johnny up.

1130 Set course 134M to Bermuda.

1200-1600 Myself and Pat. Denis chats with " Commander ", on the Sat phone. As we move East, the High pressure which many of these "mini" powerful lows dance around, begins to move North. Our forecast call for winds NE. At 35kts.

Grey ominous skies , breeze NE at 17kts. Steady. We are still fucked from last nights battle. The three reefs stay in , full headsl out. We should shake out the third reef , but , it seems my maxim of caution , combined with fatigue is setting format.

Wind to 35kts. Reduced headsl to 1/2. SOG 8kts.


Morning at sea


35 15"N

70 13"W

Through Denis's watch large confused sea's begin to develop , as Highs and Lows roll North, in a confused fashion. Wind eases to 15kts.

1600-1800 Myself and Pat. Johnny and Denis our indomitable fore guard reduce to two reefs. Beaucoup abuse hurtled at the lazy after guard .

Large following swell hard on the port quarter. Breeze dying. Main full and drawing , Preventer slack and taught intermittently. Headsl rolled in.

1530 Headsl unfurled as we cocked our bow north sufficient to have the Genny draw. Main out Through my watch we slowly overtake " Outlaw" a yacht in passage to Bermuda. Denis hailed her on VHF and it appears she was the vessel we passed last evening during the lovely Midwatch. Johnny then takes over. Many declarations of simian manhood were emitted as we blew by her under main.

1800-2000 Myself and Pat. Decide after Denis and Johnny's many hours of galley and engineering duties Pat and Iwould take this watch for them. What a couple of fine young bastards. Actually only ten years younger than myself. Pat, has also proved himself a good shipmate and valuable. His assistance while working with Denis , have assuaged many of our potential nautical nightmares. His many year as an airline pilot and engineer have aided his shipmates considerably.

1600-1800 Denis chatted with " Southbound Two ". Supposedly all the shit had moved North and we set course for a waypoint 90 miles south of Bermuda.

Breeze NE 10Kts.

2000-2400 Denis and Johnny. God knows I would love to be up on watch with these two, with of course, theexception of the midwatch. Denis and Johnny, friends for many years , who grew up in Ireland , and now, years later , after great exertions, are both construction magnates in Manhattan. Hooting and hollering they both savor being alive at sea.

As the watch slowly winds into its gentle conclusion, the young Turks hurtle there laughter and abuse at the now quite Atlantic. Continued easing breeze and rolling swell from the North East. Breeze 16kts.


November 3, 2005



34 10"N

69 04"W

Myself and Pat. A very sweet and pleasant watch. Full main and and Genny out.

0100 Auto pilot dies. Pat and myself try to start the engines. No luck. CHAOS . Denis up and cranky. " VERYSTRAIGHT FORWARD. A DIESEL WILL NOT START IF THE KILL SWITCH IS PULLED OUT."

My cranky friend heads below . Who pulled out the Kill switch and forgot to return it.? Thank God no Miss Marpleaboard. I know I didn't do it.

"God I'm getting Old, I feel like a half-wit. All this stuff is, or should be rote."

0300 Breeze up. 25kts.

Two reefs and full headsl. SOG 8kts.

0400-0800 Breeze down . NE. 11-17kts.

0800-1200 Myself and Pat. Denis figures lets fly a cruising chute. Breeze

is in the right quadrant at 15 Ktshowever you " CAN'T JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT." as with a RONCO , oven. Our speed dies as the chute is choked . To fly a chute full or otherwise , someone must care about it on a consistent basis. With a full chute set, a sheet must be trimmed with diligence in conjunction with it's brother the guy. A cruising chute or cruising spinnaker , must be flown with equal diligence. Constant attention is a must to assure max speed .

Our speed drops as we are all tired and only beginning to become engaged in driving the boat as opposed to getting some sleep.

0920 Doused the cruising chute. Full headsl 135% genoa out and Speed up to 8kts, after a humiliating 6kt. SOG.with the cruising chute.

1200-1600 Denis and Johnny.

SOG of 6kts.

Held small field day. Boat is getting really dirty after the last day and night of pounding.

Pat and Johnny trawling for some dinner. Apparently no luck.

I go below and have a word with " Southbound Two". He advises of a low pressure at 30N. 66W. However the low is not intensifying and moving moving North.

1600-1800 Myself and Pat.

Me driving in fine weather


1800-2000 Denis and Johnny. Denis and I agree we can now single up on our watches.

Course 142 Magnetic. Beam reaching. Course made is good is 160Magnetic . Considerable course set and drift, par for the course with on a catamaran with little keel area.

2000-2400 Myself and Pat. Wind freshening to steady 20kts.from the East.

November 4th. 2005

32 06"N

67 13"W.

0000-0400 I take the watch. Pat below to grab some sleep. I feel fairly fit as I sleep anytime I can.

0400-0800 Pat takes the watch by himself. Dark overcast skies with clouds scudding toward the developing systems to our North East. Looks like trouble again but assured by our weather guru's that this low will be North of us, when we reach that longitude.

0800-1200 Denis. Alternator still giving us problem but he squares it away.

grey skies drizzle and rolling dark seas, not a lot of fun, however the temperature is pretty warm so can't bitch.

1200-1600 Pat. I go below and prepare what has become known as "Spaghetti ala Dave". Huge bucket of hot spaghetti, created from frozen sausage and two bottles of disparate sauce's. The crew stuffs there faces but I am not asked to cook again. Denis and Johnny have been pretty much doing all the cooking and a wonderful job too. Pat will now run his shift at cooking to ease the burden on Denis and Johnny. I have been excluded from the cooking roster. Can't figure out why.

1530 Give " Southbound Two" a jingle on the single side band. He reiterates the low and its associated trough will move around the high pressure and we will be clear of it.

1600-1800 Johnny on. As we approach the low trough Rapid clocking of the breeze to SE catches Johnny of guard and the wind heads us. Jib flogs . We get everything squared away and come to new course 210magnetic. Driving warm rain with gusts to 20kts.

1800-2000 Myself. Fairly monotonous watch

2000-2400 Denis. Pat has gotten the lighting and modes of our cockpit repeaters worked out, nice not to have to cover the scopes with a towel on night watches.

2100Denis gets me up to advise of merchant vessels out at 2 miles on the radar scope . I stay up till he passes clear to starboard.

November 5th 2005

0000-0400 Pat. Wind easing , skies clearing.

0400-0800 Johnny. Light wind beautiful night. Aft wash down. We haul in buckets of salt water and scrub down.Breeze down to 8kts. Johnny cooks a wonderful Irish breakfast on the aft grill. Eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding.. Most appreciated The sun is coming out .


29 37"N

66 16"Myself. Aft port head found to be blocked. This is a no/no on a yacht and just cause for serious abuse if not a flogging. I know it wasn't myself or Denis but no blame is allocated, to guilty party in the cause of crew harmony. Denis madder than a wet hen goes below to embark on a disgusting task. What a guyShouts , curses and stench waft up from below. Johnny , Pat and myself sit in the cockpit knowing better than to crack a smile.

After his foul mission is accomplished Denis emerges and good naturedly makes the first joke.

Dr. Doodo after his mission

1200-1600 Denis. The crew insist he wash his paws before he is allowed to touch the wheel. Pat makes a great lunch of grilled beef and eggplant casserole. Wind down .

Two small sea birds whirl around us and do what reminds me of mini carrier landings.

Avian flight ops

1430 We are making less than 4kts in the dying breeze. Engines on and jib rolled in. Motorsailing course 150Magnetic. Speed 6kts.

1600-1800 Pat. Turned to make our easting. Course 060Magnetic.

1800-2000 Johnny. Chez Denis into action as the battle of the sea going iron chefs is engaged. Unbelievablesauteed lamb chops , polenta and brocolli. Small dinner party in Officers mess.

2000-2400MyselfGorgeous night. Orions constellation on the rise to our east and his belt clearly pointing to Sirius the " dog star" low on the horizon.

November 6th. 2005

0000-0400 Denis. Ship from 6 miles than to 4 miles then to 1 mile. Denis gets me up . Passed astern of us with no need to alter course.

0400-0800 Pat.


27 39"N

65 32"W Johnny. Johnny and Pat hook the first and only fish of our trip

A five pound tuna. Wonderful sushi for all except moi. Glass of Chardonnay to wash it down with for Breakfast. Lines out and deployed again.

1200-1600 Myself . Lunch of grilled Tuna , courtesy of "Backdoor Productions. ( Back Door Johnny a nom de guerre given to Johnny by Pat.) I'll allow the reader to work that one out. Breeze NE at 15knts. Easing and pleasant cruising after all the recent unpleasantness.

1600-1800 Denis.

1800-2000 Pat.


2000-2400 Johnny.

November 7th. 2005

25 59"N.

65 31"W. Course 192 Magnetic.

0000-0400 Myself. Another beautiful night. Full main and 135% headsl. Breeze at 15kts. Broad reaching toward the West Indies. As the watch progresses , Orion's Constellation has arced and is well overhead. The big dipper pointing to the North star , brings memories flooding back. I remember my little brother , Peter, my best friend , dead these many years. I've always stopped his memory intruding on me. His death almost put me away, and even today too painful to contemplate. Killed at twenty five returning from a United States Navy mission in the helicopter he served on , as a Search and Rescue diver. A funny, brilliant and wonderful young man, he was hoistedto God way to soon.

Together from our fathers house in England, Peter and I would look out our bedroom window. Myself at home from sailing and Peter on his way to University and his intended enlistment in the Navy. Orion would stand over the little town of Sandwich in Kent , and both of us would dream.

The big dipper was another memory maker for me. The pointer to the North star and always the navigators friend. The number of times the simple calculation of latitude, in a tight coast running situation and before the advent of GPS and used in conjunction with RDF or the loom of a lighthouse on the horizon, had saved my skin more times than I can count.

A night of great peace and tears.

0400-0800 Denis. Clear and filling breeze. Warm NE breeze at 12kts. SOG 5 kts.

0800-1200 Pat.

1200-1600 Johnny. Another round in the battle of the Iron Chefs. Pat begins preparation of what looks to be the inception of a splendid dinner.

Spoke to my wife on the Satphone to advise of our progress, all seems well except the new hound we have, hasdecided to eat all the blinds in the house.

Denis abusing his shipmates

1600-1800 Dave. Breeze clocking to the east at 16kts. Boat moving nicely at 7 kts SOG.

1800-2000 Denis. Pat rolls out a wonderful dinnerTo start wonderful peeled shrimp with a tomato and horseradish sauce. To follow marinated pork loin, oven roasted brussels sprouts and garlic mashed new potatoes. What a dinner. The fine wines that Denis has been so kind as to afford on this passage , compliment a great meal.

Another mini celebration. Our proximity to the West Indies has allowed us to slightly relax but not forget our vigilance. I believe our model for a square

watch section is more akin to the RN than the USN. Mariners , I expect, will understand this reference.

2000-2400 Pat.

November 8th. 2005

23 03" N.

65 10" W

Johnny keeping an eye on the Hooligans

0000-0400 Johnny.

0400-0800 MyselfEasterly wind at 16kts. Motorsailing

0800-1200 Denis. Much commotion on deck . A large school of bottle nose dolphins have decided to accompany us. They gambol and play all around us in the beautiful blue, sunlit , water. Camera's come out and of course much rejoicing.

1200-1600 Pat. Dolphins still with us. What beautiful creatures. I have forgotten how these oceans passages bring moments both sublime and terrifying.

Johnny and Pat casting for fish. No luck. They catch one , then lose it.

We have lost faith since the last catch and have dubbed them the "Keystone Fisherman"

1600-1800 Johnny. Motorsailing to Tortola.

1800-2000 Myself. Denis makes wonderful steaks on the aft barbie as we munch and cruise along watching the amazing sunset.

2000-2400 Denis.

November 9th 2005

0000-0400 Pat. Pat wakes me for passing ship.

0400-0800 Johnny. Beautiful morning. Nice trade breeze, not that heavy but still driving. SOG 7kts

0700 19 47"N

64 42"W

Denis enjoying the yachting life

0800-1200 Myself . Full main and headsl , great morning sail. As always , to as far back as when men first went to sea, the closer to land a ship gets, visions of earthly pleasures , will inevitably fill a crew's head. Mind you, " I could be", a little past it, though nothing is written in stone.

0900 Denis and Johnny get stuck into a major cleanup in prep for landfall.

" The A Team"

1200-1600 Denis. As always Chez Denis makes another wonderful lunch.

1400 Johnny gives a rousing shout of " Land HO."